Pushing notifications or Push Notifications

Push Notifications Pushleads

Push Notifications

Did you know fb increased their userbase to 250% using cutting edge technology of push notifications?

CNN, Twitter and few other companies followed and got even better results.

All of them invested tens of thousand for this solution

Push Notifications sites

Push Notifications sites

BUT… you can have software doing same thing for you with even more features.

–> See the 4 min demo of software

Named PushLeads: This software send personalised notifications/Messages “push notifications” to your users on mobile and desktop browser in seconds.

Push Notifications

Push Notifications increase

You don’t need to invest heavily in mailing, ads and retargeting when you can get better results with browser messages. Embrace New Strategy of User Engagement & Retention.

My New Web App Builds Your Subscriber Base AND Profits With Astonishing 100% Delivery Rate Guaranteed.

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Why Use PushLeads?

[+] Fastest way to engage with customers in their browsers

[+] Subscriber get your message before anyone

[+] 100% message delivery GUARANTEED: every subscriber sees EVERY one of your message.

[+] EFFORTLESSLY create HYPER-ENGAGED BUYER lists in ANY niche on Autopilot

[+] Sites like Fb, CNN, Twitter, eBay, NYTimes, NBA, Pinterest use same TECH. to boost active user engagement up to 250%

[+] Make NON-STOP profits with the power of retention marketing Reach EVERY Subscriber In SECONDS Anytime

[+] Make MORE sales by reminding or re-engaging your users through browser notification messages even after they leave your page

[+] SKYROCKET conversions with personal messaging based on preferences, categories or custom segments

[+] 700% More Effective than Emails Marketing, Fb Ads, Re-Targeting etc

[+] Newbie Friendly, Fully Tested

[+] Works Instantly in Seconds, Results Guaranteed Within 5 Min of Usage

[+] No tech skills needed

and we’ll provide live training and Q/A session for our clients to help them.

==> Check Demo Video Now

Watch How Pushleads made Over 6 Figures for Jai & Sam by Boosting Subscriber Communication Up to 250% On AUTOPILOT.

Do get it in lowest price possible

Special Bonuses for client available till midnight 1. Jai will do live training webinar with customers and tell you secrets on how we made over 6 fig.

2. 100+ software bonuses and plugins just for my own customers which vendor agreed to give.

Push Notifications

Push Notifications

So make best decision now and take PushLeads before midnight.

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